RTI model in Indian Schools: Origin

The Indo -US 21st Century Knowledge Initiative Project implemented RTI model in two Primary Schools of Coimbatore District of Tamil Nadu. This project focuses to enhance the ability in reading and computation in mathematics of children at Primary level which is the foundation for learning all subjects.

Universal Screening

A school-wide, assessment used to identify students who are at risk for academic failure and could potentially benefit from specific instruction or intervention. It is the mechanism for targeting students who struggle to learn when provided a scientific, evidence-based general education (Jenkins, Hudson, & Johnson, 2007). Universal screening is typically conducted three times per school year, in the fall, winter, and spring. Universal screening measures consist of brief assessments focused on target skills (e.g., phonological awareness) that are highly predictive of future outcomes (Jenkins, 2003). Key Component of effective universal screening is curriculum based measurement.

What is Curriculum Based Measurement(CBM)?

The accurate measurement of academic skills is a key component of a well run classroom. Curriculum Based Measurement is a Practical alternative academic assessment that allows teachers to closely monitor the rate of student educational progress. Curriculum Based Measurement have devised as a simple, statistically reliable, and practical means of measuring student skills in basic subject areas such as reading, writing, and arithmetic.

The CBM probes are created to match curriculum objectives and are administered under timed, standardized conditions. CBM uses probes that overlap closely with a school’s curriculum, are quick to administer, can be given frequently, and are quite sensitive to short-term student gains.
Using CBM, the student is given brief, timed exercises to complete, using materials drawn directly from the child’s academic program. CBM is a dynamic indicator of basic skills.

Teachers using CBM have found it to be both a powerful assessment tool for measuring mastery of basic skills and an efficient means of monitoring short-term and long-term student progress in key academic areas. With CBM any teacher could independently monitor the academic skills of children in their classroom. The project team developed CBM probes for English Reading, Tamil (Regional Language) reading & Math.

English and Tamil Curriculum Based Measurement (1-V)

Math Curriculum Based Measurement (1-V)