The project analyzed marked effect or influence based on the outcomes for sustainability. This evidence based research has impact in various dimensions.
Scientific Impact

This project is of theoretical and empirical significance to scientific community. The theoretical impact of the study lies in describing the curriculum Based measurement which is a new entity in the Indian context. The study demonstrates validated reading and math assessment tools which have all the psychometric properties and can be widely used/ adapted in Indian context.
Empirically this study is important in helping researchers and scientific community to better understand the method of administering tools and techniques of engaging students minute to minute and keep all students in the class on the job (learning). This research set a benchmarking of tests procedure for whole school screening and every child has a place in the school. The research stands evidence that when RTI is implemented effectively, students with academic difficulties can be identified and intervened before the academic gap widens and thus developing a new paradigm which will be adopted in other parts of the countries. Researchers already started doing further researches in this area. RTI courses are introduced as a professional certificate course at Avninashilingam Institute for Home science and Higher Education for Women in collaboration with ICI, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA. Efforts are being made to introduce the course online.

Capacity Impact

Quality improvement is evidenced among stakeholders.
a. The capacity of the teachers to teach core instruction in the classroom was built and the teachers are able to handle the class with tiered instruction when necessary.
b. Capacity of the teacher trainees was built and in turn they introduce multi- tier approach in the respective school they work
c. Capacity of teacher educators was enhanced at national level and there is a scope for more researches and implementation of tiered system across the country
d. Nearly 410 students enhance their reading and math skills in this three year project and it has a long term impact in their education.
e. The capacity of the project team was built and the team can act as researchers and practitioners and the knowledge and expertise can be disseminated widely
15.3 Social Impact
a. This project emphasizes that students should be addressed to meet their learning needs against simply branding children at the initial stage itself that he/ she is with sensory or cognitive disability. Every child is a child fist. The teaching should address the diverse needs of the children. After 3months of intervention and 6 progress monitoring if a student is not showing improvement, then the student will be referred for special education services. This concept is against the prevalent concept pointing the child first its disability then addressing his/her needs.
b. Reading math ability is enhanced among students. The students in Experimental schools showed better academic performance than students in Control schools.
c. Absentees rate were reduced from 13% to 2% at the end of the Project and thus drop out rate is less than 2%.
d. Development of RTI model was field tested and has become a new paradigm in Indian context to be adopted for all children learning.
e. Indo- Us research collaboration is being sustained on both sides in terms of collaborative activities such scholar exchange (efforts made), further research collaboration
15.4 Communication and Dissemination Activities
a. RTI model has been popularized with experts from India and US through International and National Summit held during June 2016 and Jan 2017.
b. Research papers on Inclusion and RTI have been compiled in the form of conference proceedings and circulated widely for knowledge and application
c. RTI website has been created which may be first of its kind in Indian context and the concept & process of RTI has been described. ( /maincampus/index.php?/education/special_education/rtin/)
d. A half yearly International Journal on ‘Inclusive Education: Researches and practices’ has been launched online as part of the project in which both Indian and US team is actively involved in the publication process. ( academic/ijierp/)
e. The project prepared training manual for teaching reading and math.
f. The project has immediate impact in terms of introducing a Professional Certificate Course on RTI to Post Graduate students of the Avinashilingam Institute for Home science and Higher Education for Women, Coimbatore from the academic year 2017-18 and efforts are being made to introduce the course online.
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